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Ola Electric vs. Ather Energy: The Battle of Electric Scooters in India

Explore the fierce rivalry between Ola Electric and Ather Energy, India's top electric scooter manufacturers, and compare their features to make an informed choice.
BhavikBhavik1-Nov-23 12:28 PM
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Ola Electric vs. Ather Energy: The Battle of Electric Scooters in India

Competition: It’s the best thing a great company would desire to have. No matter how old an electric scooter brand is, they do not hesitate to tag the

best electric scooters in India

on their months-old electric scooter.

This shows the competitive market; companies constantly scratch their heads to churn out the best marketing strategy to look like they are on the top. The top is what the aim should be.

Talking about the top players,

Ola Electric

and Ather Energy can't be put aside since we’re talking about the best in the business of electric scooters, as they are the leading players. As they’re at the top. However, only one is at the top, and the other is fifth. That means we’ll have to figure out why that is.

Ola Electric, founded in 2017 by an IIT Bombay graduate, Bhavesh Aggarwal, has raised $1.5B till now and is India's largest electric two-wheeler manufacturer valued at around US$5.4 billion as of September 2023.

Conversely, Ather Energy, founded in 2013 by Tarun Mehta and Swapnil Jain, has raised $450.5M till now and is India’s fifth-largest electric two-wheeler manufacturer after Ola Electric,

Okinawa Autotech

, Hero Electric and Ampere Vehicles.

So, it’s the battle between the first and fifth largest electric two-wheeler manufacturers. But in reality, it’s the battle between the unibody and appealing design versus edgy and elegant design.

However, there’s more to compare. This blog will explore the detailed comparison between Ola Electric and Ather Energy’s electric scooters and their features so that you can make an informed decision on what to buy.

Ola Electric vs. Ather Energy: Electric Scooter Comparison

Now, let’s look at what features both electric scooter companies claim to offer. However, to make the comparison equal, we’ll compare Ola and Ather’s top-of-the-line variants –

Ola S1 Pro 2nd Gen

and Ather 450X.

Ola Electric Scooter Features

Ola Electric, one of the best Indian electric scooter brands, offers never-before-seen or experienced tech and features in an electric scooter.

Let’s unfold them one by one.

Ola electric scooters have been built on a muscular and tubular frame that gives users a robust and sturdy riding experience, resulting in a safer and more prominent scooter.

However, Ola claims to save users 1836 INR monthly if they drive an Ola scooter for 30 KM daily.

Here are some insights into Ola Electric’s Design, Digital Tech, and Performance.


  • Ola Electric offers a seamless design for its electric scooters, which does not consist of visible nuts and bolts, making it appear unibody.
  • Ola scooters have iconic headlamps that look like a moon.
  • Ola scooters come in vibrant colours, including red, yellow, black, white, blue, grey, and many others in dual-tone.
  • 34L boot space makes an Ola scooter the specious electric scooter.
  • A stronger grabrail makes the pillion rider grab the support.


  • Ola scooters run at a top speed of 120 kmph.
  • With a 195 km range, Ola scooters can go far ahead on a single charge.
  • It goes 0 to 40 kmph in 2.6 sec.
  • Peak power of 11 kW.

Digital Tech

  • Ola Electric App allows users to control the scooter from the app.
  • Proximity Unlock automatically unlocks the scooter when a user is near the vehicle.
  • Built-in navigation allows users to find the best route to their destination,

Ather Energy Electric Scooter Features

One of the best electric two-wheelers, the Ather 450X, comes with unbelievable features and design,

Other electric scooters have been built while keeping users’ safety in mind. Some of the safety features include

  • Emergency stop signal (ESS): Ather alerts nearby riders by blinking the tail light in a panic-breaking situation.
  • FallSafe: If the scooter falls off, it turns off the power supply.
  • Dual disc breaks: Allows users to stop the scooter quickly.

Let’s look at the performance, digital tech, and other features.


  • Ather scooters comes in an edgy, elegant, and seamlessly compact design.
  • Its unique headlamp stays on for 20 seconds after switching off the scooter to guide the users to their homes on a dark night.
  • Ather comes in various colour options, including black, green, red, white, blue, etc.
  • 22L boot space allows users to store more.


  • Ather scooter goes 0 to 40 in 3.3 seconds.
  • 6.4 kW motor brings the absolute power to the table.
  • 3.7 kW battery pack provides 150 km of certified range and 110 km of TrueRange.

Digital Tech

  • The 7-inch water-resistant and dust-proof TFT touchscreen allows users to control the scooter.
  • Park-assist helps users glide out of tight parking spaces.
  • AutoHold automatically detects the slope and holds the scooter steady.
  • Other features like tow and theft notifications, find my scooter, and Ather trip planner allow users to manage their electric scooter seamlessly.


The electric scooter market in India is heating up, and the rivalry between Ola Electric and Ather Energy is at the forefront of this transformation. These companies are punching themselves to build the best electric scooter of all time, and in this rivalry, the customers are getting the benefits of highly efficient electric scooters. However, Ola Electric or Ather Energy, who wins the battle? Only the users can answer it by riding both of their scooters. We’ve tried to compare both companies non-biasedly so that users can easily decide to purchase.

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