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EVINDIACurtains off to all new ID.2all: Volkswagen revealed its most affordable EV-img
Curtains off to all new ID.2all: Volkswagen revealed its most affordable EV

Volkswagen on Friday has finally revealed its most affordable electric vehicle in the form of the brand-new ID.2all concept, which resembles a Polo or Golf with an ID badge and an all-electric drivetrain. The German manufacturer gave consumers a glimpse of the mass-produced electric vehicle by using this concept model. The ID. Life, which debuted in September 2021, is completely different from Volkswagen's ID.2all EV concept. We can see a preview of the upcoming electric vehicle in the recently unveiled EV concept, which is expected to be sold in Europe in 2025 and cost $26,400. (Rs 21.80 lakh). The images provided by the automaker show it as a pre-production study, not a futuristic concept vehicle. It is significant to note that when the Volkswagen ID.2all concept-derived electric car goes on sale, it will be the brand's first FWD MEB model.An uncluttered dashboard, a centre panel in the form of a bridge, dual rectangular displays, including a 12.9-inch touchscreen in the centre with a new menu structure, and a 10.9-inch digital cockpit are all present and correct inside the EV concept. There is also a large panoramic sunroof. A head-up display, two big inductive charging interfaces for cellphones, a separate air conditioning control panel with illuminated buttons, and a head-up display are also included on the centre console. On the centre console, there is a rotary dial that the driver can use to control a variety of vehicle features.According to Volkswagen, a new multifunction steering wheel with dual thumbwheels and buttons is included, as well as power seats with massage functions. The entire cabin is equipped with numerous USB-C outlets.According to Andreas Mindt, the design chief for the OEM, the EV's styling offers a sneak preview of Volkswagen's new design philosophy, which is founded on the three pillars of stability, likeability, and excitement. Dimensions of the Volkswagen ID.2all include a wheelbase of 2,600mm, a length of 4,050mm, a width of 1.812mm, and a height of 1,530mm.The EV looks compact and contemporary when compared to the most recent Volkswagen models. The sharp and fluid-appearing LED headlamps blend perfectly with the front panel's apparent chrome bezel or black section. LED daytime running lights are fashionable and mounted above the headlights. The radiator grille is replaced by a closed panel upfront because it is an electric car. The 20-inch alloy wheels are not particularly attractive, and there is a thick LED light strip connecting the taillights through the centre of the tailgate at the rear. A roof spoiler and a rear windscreen wiper are also visible in the photos.Volkswagen claims that the ID.2all engine will work similarly to the base Golf GTI and have a 450-kilometre range on a single charge. The EV's front-mounted engine has a maximum output of 222 horsepower, and it can reach speeds of 100 km/h in less than seven seconds. Using a DC fast converter, the battery can be charged from 10% to 80% in 20 minutes.

EVINDIAAmid the energy shifting pattern, Honda announces its debut in the Indian EV industry.-img
Amid the energy shifting pattern, Honda announces its debut in the Indian EV industry.
The future of Electric vehicles (EV) seems promising, but concerns like underdeveloped charging infrastructure and high ownership costs have persisted. Further, Ev fires have also raised doubts in the next-generation automobile industry.The absence of well-known brands like Honda, Hero MotoCorp, Yamaha, Suzuki, and Royal Enfield is another limiting element. If leading brands release their individual products, EV sales may increase significantly. Currently, only two well-known manufacturers—TVS and Bajaj—offer electronic two-wheelers. The debut of the Honda Electric Scooter in April 2023: Atomic Electric Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India (HMSI) has declared that it will begin operations in this country in April 2023 with an electric scooter. It's unclear at this time whether this will be the eagerly anticipated Activa electrified or something else. The 29th of March will bring forth more information. It is important to note that Honda already offers a variety of electronic two-wheelers for sale in other countries.  Additionally, the business will introduce flex-fuel two-wheelers in foreign markets. Some of these flex-fuel and electric cars may also be made available in India. One of the appealing options for the Indian market is an electric version of the best-selling Activa.Honda has ambitious plans for the EV market, but Ogata stated that the company's main emphasis will remain on petrol-powered two-wheelers. It makes sense, given the size of the ICE-based two-wheeler industry, which will continue to grow for a while. A complete switch to EVs will require modifications to the entire production ecosystem and supply chain, which will take time to implement. Another limiting element is consumer psychology, as people are typically reluctant to accept new things. With the development of more sophisticated, cost-effective, and long-lasting batteries, things are anticipated to get better for EVs in the future. There are several novel battery technologies being examined right now. Issues like range anxiety, expensive batteries, EV fires, etc., will be resolved in the event of a significant advance.

EVINDIA Hero Electric launches all-new E-scooters-Optima CX5.0, Optima CX2.0 and NYX-img
Hero Electric launches all-new E-scooters-Optima CX5.0, Optima CX2.0 and NYX
The Optima CX2.0 and Optima CX5.0 are the pinnacle examples of speed and style combined. They feature svelte designs and strong engines that provide an unmatched riding experience. These two electric scooters can operate in inclement weather and on complex topography. Thereby satisfying all adventure seekers' needs to enjoy a luxurious outdoor experience.The most recent models in Hero Electric's cutting-edge and electrifying range are the Optima CX2.0 and CX5.0. These two-wheelers stand out from the competition thanks to their advanced features and technology.The 1.9kW motor in the Optima CX2.0 is propelled by a 2kWh battery pack, giving it a range of 89km and a maximum speed of 48kmph. It's a good idea to have a backup plan, especially if you're going to be traveling a lot. It has a 1.9kW motor and a 3kWh battery pack, which together produce an impressive 113km of range and a maximum speed of 48kmph.For those who value efficiency, ingenuity, and sustainability in a sleek and fashionable package, these electric scooters are the ideal option. The Optima CX2.0 and NYX CX5.0 are paving the way toward a brighter and more sustainable future, with Hero Electric at the forefront of the electric vehicle business. The latest model's price range The three new electric scooter models have affordable starting costs between Rs. 85,000 and Rs. 1.3 lakh.However, there's still more. This business is currently preparing to build a new greenfield plant in Rajasthan to increase its production capacity and satisfy the rising demand for environmentally friendly transportation. Deliveries of Hero Electric in February 2023 With impressive sales, Hero Electric continues to rule the Indian electric vehicle industry.Deliveries of Hero Electric in February 2023 Hero Electric has maintained its leadership in the Indian electric car market, as evidenced by its impressive sale of nearly 5,000 units in the previous month. Their outstanding achievement places them in third place, just behind Ather and Ola, two industry veterans. Hero Electric's sales are anticipated to soar to new heights with the launch of the Optima CX2.0 and NYX CX5.0, solidifying the company's place as a significant force in the electric vehicle market.Future ideas for Hero Electric to maintain the pace of surpassing sales of more than 1 lakh units, setting a new industry standard. They might be moving quickly towards the enormous milestone of 1 million crore units for the following two to three years by the following fiscal year of 2023–24. It's evident that this business is stepping up its game and has unrestricted desire. 

EVINDIA WATI welcomes Pulse Energy to design WhatsApp Bot for EV charger-img
WATI welcomes Pulse Energy to design WhatsApp Bot for EV charger
One of the biggest players of EV chargers in India, Pulse Energy, has shaken hands with WATI (WhatsApp Team Inbox), an end-to-end WhatsApp API solution for server message block protocol (SMBs). WATI used its low-code flow builder to create a customised automatic flow for Pulse Energy and already-existing integration with WhatsApp payments.The IVCA-EY-Induslaw report states that EV sales currently make up 1.1 percent of all car sales but are projected to reach 39 percent by CY27. To satisfy the rising demand, there are currently only 1,742 charging stations; however, by 2027, that number is predicted to rise to 100,000 units. Currently, the majority of users of the apps that drive the EV charging procedure are non-English speakers. In order to align itself with the nation’s mission on EVs and proliferate development, Pulse Energy launched a plan to decipher how to reduce the cognitive load needed to start and stop any charging station across the country.Pulse Energy used WATI to launch a straightforward WhatsApp chat-based discussion to initiate, terminate, and pay for charging. By integrating WhatsApp Payments into WATI's platform, businesses can quickly request payments from consumers via WhatsApp and receive instant alerts when transactions take place. WATI is an end-to-end WhatsApp API for SMBs because it enables chatbots to instantly send payment requests to customers.Reflecting on the collaboration, Co-Founder and CEO of WATI, Bianca Ho, stated, "With the intention of assisting businesses in interacting with their consumers on messaging platforms, we founded WATI. WATI customers can interact with their users in real-time, in a personalised, and simple-to-connect way, thanks to WhatsApp’s end-to-end encryption. Using simple-to-copy designs, retailers can now create chatbots without knowing any programming. With the ability to quickly construct new flows, WATI's flow builder enabled Pulse Energy to raise customer satisfaction and conversion rates."The first WhatsApp-based EV charging network in India has been created by us. EV drivers can now start the charger by easily scanning the QR code and making a payment with WhatsApp. We were able to enable WhatsApp payments for our users and enable them to transact quickly without having to load money into 35+ charging station apps thanks to WATI's flow builder "said Devang Mistry, a Pulse Energy co-founder.Founded in 2020, Bianca Ho and Ken Yeung started WATI with the vision to assist SMBs with a self-service, low-code solution based on the WhatsApp Business API. The robust chatbots and APIs, commerce interfaces, and customer intelligence features of the platform enable SMBs to do much more with this end-to-end WhatsApp API solution, including Sell, Market and Manage Customer Support. WATI is a global platform with over 6000 users in 78 countries, including SMBs that offer household cleaning services to schools, tutoring facilities, healthcare facilities, and e-commerce sites like Shopify stores.
EVINDIAMG unveils plan to launch compact EV- COMET.
MG unveils plan to launch compact EV- COMET.
14-Mar-23 11:17:30 am IST
MG intends to release the Comet EV, a compact electric vehicle, in India in April 2023.
EVINDIAUP government adopts no tax policy on the purchase of electric vehicles.
UP government adopts no tax policy on the purchase of electric vehicles.
10-Mar-23 07:27:24 am IST
the Uttar Pradesh government last Friday announced no tax policy on the acquisition of electric vehicles (EVs).
EVINDIABengaluru-base startup launches India’s first ever 2-Wheeler electric SUV
Bengaluru-base startup launches India’s first ever 2-Wheeler electric SUV
24-Feb-23 10:19:23 am IST
Amid the EV revolution in the Indian automobile sector, Bengaluru-based startup River on February 22 has launched its first EV- 'Indie.'
EVINDIATata Motors Singed MOU with Uber: plans to deliver 25,000 XPRES-T electric sedans
Tata Motors Singed MOU with Uber: plans to deliver 25,000 XPRES-T electric sedans
21-Feb-23 07:49:20 am IST
The automobile market giant Tata motors, on February 20, announced to provide 25,000 XPRES-T electric vehicles to Uber.
EVINDIARenault-Nissan plans to invest Rs 5300 crore for six new upcoming EV models.
Renault-Nissan plans to invest Rs 5300 crore for six new upcoming EV models.
14-Feb-23 09:31:49 am IST
Renault and Nissan, two renowned automobile manufacturers based in France and Japan, respectively, have pledged to invest a total of USD 600 million (approximately INR 5,300 crore) in India.
EVINDIAElectric car market sales figure revealed; Tata Motors lead the way.
Electric car market sales figure revealed; Tata Motors lead the way.
10-Feb-23 07:11:34 am IST
The Federation of Automobile Dealers Association (FADA) on Feb.7 announced last month's data on India's electric vehicle sales, revealing the growth in the passenger car segment over the previous year.
EVINDIABYD Launches All New Byd Atto 3 in India : Range, Performance & More…
BYD Launches All New Byd Atto 3 in India : Range, Performance & More…
calenderSomsubhra Chowdhury
08-Feb-23 07:38:33 pm IST
The Chinese EV maker, BYD recently launched the most awaited Atto 3 electric SUV into the Indian EV market. The Atto 3 is BYD's second vehicle to enter the Indian market.
EVINDIAPunjab Government Approved a New EV Policy, Tax Waivers & More
Punjab Government Approved a New EV Policy, Tax Waivers & More
calenderSomsubhra Chowdhury
07-Feb-23 12:08:46 pm IST
On Friday, the Punjab Cabinet, presided over by Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann, authorised the (PEVP) 2022 in an effort to control the state's air degradation brought on by vehicle emissions. Read to know more.
EVINDIABudget 2023: Government extended tax concessions on EV batteries & more
Budget 2023: Government extended tax concessions on EV batteries & more
calenderSomsubhra Chowdhury
01-Feb-23 02:52:19 pm IST
Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman made the announcement when introducing the Union Budget 2023, rendering electric vehicles (EVs) more affordable in India by extending the rebates on their batteries for another year.
EVINDIABy 2030, Maruti Suzuki will introduce six battery electric vehicles in India
By 2030, Maruti Suzuki will introduce six battery electric vehicles in India
calenderSomsubhra Chowdhury
28-Jan-23 06:05:17 pm IST
Maruti Suzuki's principal business, Suzuki Motor Corporation, has revealed its growth plan until 2030. Suzuki wants to see the nation become environmentally safe by 2070, following the objective established by the Indian government.
EVINDIAHonda’s CEO assures Activa's adoption of the electric make-over.
Honda’s CEO assures Activa's adoption of the electric make-over.
25-Jan-23 06:06:41 am IST
Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India Pvt. Ltd. has revealed that the firm will revolutionize India's most benevolent scooter- Activa, by announcing the launch of the product's electric counterpart.
EVINDIATata Nexon Price dropped by 85000 : Gets New Trims & More
Tata Nexon Price dropped by 85000 : Gets New Trims & More
calenderSomsubhra Chowdhury
19-Jan-23 08:59:05 pm IST
Homegrown automaker Tata Motors, on Wednesday, reduced prices for most of the Nexon EV variants. The price for the most affordable Tata Nexon EV has been dropped by Rs 50,000 to Rs 14.49 lakh.