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Oben Rorr: Price, range, battery, speed, and many more…
Oben Rorr features the most powerful motor on an electric bike in India, the longest range, and one of its kind battery storage with heat control. But will Oben's first electric motorbike match up to expectations? Lets find out more....
Somsubhra ChowdhurySomsubhra Chowdhury6-Dec-22 10:46 AM
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Oben Rorr: Price, range, battery, speed, and many more…

There are many options currently since the Indian electric two-wheeler sector is expanding quite swiftly. While choosing the product with the most fantastic range on a single charge may seem straightforward, there may be other options. It must be appealing to the sight, simple to use, affordable, handy, feature-rich, contemporary, speedy, and offers a good range. Through its recently released electric motorbike, the Rorr, Bengaluru-based start-up Oben Electric has been able to do this. The bike costs around Rs 1 lakh, making it Rs 30,000 less expensive than the Ola S1 Pro and around Rs 40,000 less expensive compared to the Ather 450X and another newly released e-bike, the Tork Kratos R.


In ideal circumstances, the Roar is said to have a 200 km range, and the company also says it will give roughly 150 kilometers in practical situations. The good news is that, unlike many other frustratingly sluggish low E2Ws, the Rorr would not achieve its promised real-world range. The Rorr's 10 kW of torque and excellent speed keep the journey exciting. The Roar boasts a range of 110 km, which is still more significant than that of the Ather 450X, even in Havoc mode at 100 km/h peak speed.

Battery & Charging

The Rorr's huge undetachable 4.4kWh battery pack is the straightforward solution to the range problem. For comparison, the Tork Kratos R comes very close with the 4kWh battery capacity, and e-scooters even have lesser battery capacity due to their more complicated packing requirements. It's also important to note that this pack is a lithium-iron-phosphate battery. This Li-ion battery has certain benefits over its conventional counterpart, i.e., more excellent chemical and thermal stability and some drawbacks like lower energy efficiency. Oben claims that it only requires the Rorr two hours to recharge once it loses power. This is remarkable, but what's better is this can be done using a home outlet. It can only be used with a 15-amp socket, though. When you buy a Rorr, the company will install a 15A socket at your home at no additional cost if you do not already have one for charging the bike.

Speed & Acceleration 

Performance, when seated, is enjoyable, and the Rorr is one of the fastest electric two wheelers presently on the road while in Havoc mode. Oben states that it takes 3 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 40 km/h, and acceleration is pretty quick up to a speed of roughly 80 km/h before slowing down. Still, it can reach the speedometer's estimated 100 kph. Even with the most petite Eco mode, you can accelerate reasonably and go up to 50 kph, ensuring you're not dangerous to other drivers. The city mode is the most practical option for real-world circumstances because the top speed is set at a respectable 70kph.

Design & Features

The design of the Oben Rorr is that of a contemporary bike. It endures flawless finishing yet a compact & sturdy structure. It's not too uncomfortable to be in the Rorr. Bigger riders could feel crowded despite the footpegs' relaxing posture, and the solo seat's high slant keeps the rider moving forward. We are unable to speculate on the pillion passenger's situation in this seat. The seating position is very athletic, even with feet borderline high and curled back. However, it isn't so intense that your feet will feel claustrophobic; on the contrary, it feels enjoyable and engaging. The seat's somewhat high forward incline and slick surface, which keeps pressing you up against the "fuel tank," are the problem.

To begin with, the Rorr lacks many high-tech features standard on modern electric two-wheelers. Therefore, features like a TFT screen, speakers, power steering, and a reversing mode are unavailable. However, this bike has an eSIM, an app connection, and a colored LCD that provides relatively minimal information. An anti-theft device and LED illumination are also included.

Should You Buy?

The Oben Rorr is a good mix overall, with a conclusion that is regrettably becoming cliché whenever it relates to EVs by start-ups. The simple, no-frills, economical electric two-wheeler with a respectable range and tolerable efficiency is something that many consumers appear to be yearning for, so this e-bike has a great deal of potential in that regard: just the essentials and the basics. Therefore, the Rorr dearth of a slew of glitzy amenities isn't a drawback; instead, it reflects whatever this bike is designed to be: the electric rendition of a little sportier commuter motorbike. So if you are considering a commuter e-bike with a more extended range and acceptable speed, without focusing on the lacking modern features, you should go for it.

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