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Ather 450X: The Flagship Electric Scooter Redefining Commutes in India

Discover the Ather 450X, India's premier electric scooter, redefining commutes with eco-friendly innovation and style. Ride the future today!
BhavikBhavik30-Oct-23 1:09 PM
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Ather 450X: The Flagship Electric Scooter Redefining Commutes in India

Ather Energy

launched three new electric scooters. The 450S and two variants of 450X have a slight difference in the battery pack. 

These new electric scooters are carefully designed to give tough competition to their biggest competitor,

Ola Electric

. Ather 450X, an edgy, aerodynamic, and superbly designed powerful electric vehicle, offers some of the best features in an electric scooter.

However, features alone don’t make any vehicle superior. Therefore, we will dig deep into Ather 450X and what it offers to its users.

Apart from unique electric scooter features, Ather 450X offers more riding quality, user experience, durability, and, most importantly, the best user reviews provided by genuine Ather 450X customers. It showcases how much customers love their Ather 450X. Agile and responsive maneuverability is an added advantage of Ather 450X.

Now, let’s unfold the Ather 450X and its two variants with all the necessary details to make an informed purchasing decision, including Ather 450X electric scooter Features, Price, Mileage, Range, and User Reviews.

Ather 450x Electric Scooter Features

As per Ather Energy, Ather 450X gives users more thrills per second. If we decode it, it means Ather 450X offers users the best acceleration and torque that enables users to enjoy a fast and thrilling riding experience.

First of all, let’s unfold Ather 450X’s brain. 

The Big Brain:

  • 17.7cm (7”) TFT water-resistant and dust-proof IP65 rated touchscreen.
  • Snapdragon 212, Quadcore 1.3Ghz.
  • 2GB RAM, 16GB storage.
  • 4G Connectivity
  • Bluetooth 4.2
  • Android Open Source OS (AOSP)

The following are some other infotainment display features that enhance the overall experience.

  • Dark mode enables more visibility at night.
  • Google Maps integrated: Helps users reach their destination accurately.
  • Push locations from WhatsApp to Ather.
  • A trip planner that allows users to plan intercity travel easily.
  • Bluetooth-enabled display that allows users to see, accept, and reject incoming calls. Also, users can easily play and pause the music to their liking.

The best feature that improves the overall system is over-the-air updates that automatically update and add new features.

Ather 450X Safety Features:

  1. Emergency Stop Signal (ESS): When the user is learning how to handle an electric scooter or in a panic situation, ESS alters the people around the scooter by blinking the tail light.
  2. FallSafe: As the name suggests, Ather 450X cuts off the power when the scooter falls off.
  3. Dual Disc Breaks: With dual disc breaks on Ather 450X, it helps the users to stop the vehicle in time 

The Official App:

  • Tow and theft notifications.
  • Find Ather Grid near you, which helps you never run out of electric juice.
  • Find My Scooter helps you locate your Ather 450X.
  • Real-time Charge Status helps you fetch accurate charging percentages.
  • Ride insights.

Ather 450x Electric Scooter Price

Ather 450X offers two variants, and both have different pricing. The following are Atther 450X technical specifications according to the variant.

Ather 450X: 3.7kWh Battery Variant

  • Price: INR 1,44,921 Ex-Showroom, Bangalore.
  • 0 - 40 km/h: 3.3 s
  • Top Speed: 90 km/h
  • Charging (0-80%): 4 hr 30 min

Ather 450X: 2.9kWh Battery Variant

  • Price: INR 1,37,999 Ex-Showroom, Bangalore.
  • 0 - 40 km/h: 3.3 s
  • Top Speed: 90 km/h
  • Charging (0-80%): 6 hr 36 min

Ather 450x Electric Scooter Range

Let’s see how much the Ather 450X electric scooter mileage and range accurately serve its users.

Ather 450X: 3.7kWh Battery Variant

  • Certified Range: 150 km
  • True Range: 110 km

Ather 450X: 2.9kWh Battery Variant

  • Certified Range: 111 km
  • True Range: 90 km

Here is the real difference between both the variants, as one has a bigger battery pack (3.7 kWh) and the other one is smaller (2.9 kWh)

Ather 450x Electric Scooter User Review

The Ather 450X electric scooter user review is a mix of everything, but most likely, the reviews are positive as it has everything an electric scooter enthusiast could ask for.

However, there is room for improvement as tall riders are getting uncomfortable riding the Ather 450X due to the compactness of the scooter.

On average, users have given Ather 450X 4 out of 5 stars, which is incredible for any electric scooter in the competitive electric two-wheeler industry.

The following are pros and cons listed by genuine customers and users of Ather 450X.


  • The battery range indicator is accurate
  • Has economy and sports modes
  • 7-inch TFT display with faster responses
  • New mirrors are more functional
  • Sidestep footrest for the pillion rider


  • Not comfortable for taller riders
  • Seat shape makes you sit far forward
  • Occupies more space than most motorcycles
  • It leans a lot on its side
  • Google Maps can be laggy


State-of-the-art electric scooter technology has made it possible to eliminate the internal combustion engine vehicle slowly. Ather 450X electric scooter could be the best option for anyone looking to get their hands on the best, economical, and aesthetically appealing electric scooter. However, all-new features and a higher range can be an added advantage for any user.

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