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Top 5 facts to know about the new Hero Vida V1 Electric Scooter
With its first EV, the Vida V1 electric scooter, Hero MotoCorp has finally entered the market for electric two-wheelers. Let us know more about the brand new Electric Scooter.
Somsubhra ChowdhurySomsubhra Chowdhury29-Dec-22 5:47 AM
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Top 5 facts to know about the new Hero Vida V1 Electric Scooter

In March of this year, Hero MotoCorp revealed a new product with a new name. This brand was formed exclusively to design and manufacture two-wheelers in the burgeoning mobility category, where electric scooters are the hot item. So it would be wise to stand up and pay attention when the biggest two-wheeler manufacturer in the world introduces its first electric scooter. With its first EV, the Vida V1 electric scooter, Hero MotoCorp has finally entered the market for electric two-wheelers. 

The Ola S1, Ather 450X, TVS iQube, and Bajaj Chetak are just a few of the electric scooters that the latest Hero Vida V1 E-scooter will compete against. The top 5 fascinating facts about the brand-new Hero Vida V1 electric scooter are listed below.

Battery & Range

There will be two versions of the Vida V1. the V1 Plus and the V1 Pro from Vida. The battery capacity is the main distinction between them. The premium Pro model receives a bigger 3.94kWh battery pack than the cheaper Plus variant, which has a lesser 3.44kWh battery capacity. The V1 Plus's and the V1 Pro's IDC ranges are 143 km and 165 km, respectively. 

A PM synchronous motor with a maximum power of 6kW is included with the electric scooter. Four riding settings are available: Sport, Ride, Eco, and Custom. This makes the scooter a better competition for e-scooters like the Ola S1 series, which provides up to 180 km of range per single charge.


Three alternative methods may be used to charge the revolutionary Vida V1 electric scooter. Two detachable battery packs for the scooter are included; they may be recharged at home. On the other hand, the Pro's increased range requires more time to charge—5.55 hours as opposed to 5.30hr for a 0 to 80% charge with the household charger. Additionally, it has a portable charging feature that enables charging the battery while parked. The electric scooter achieves 1.2km of range per minute with fast charging.

Hero affirms that the current Ather battery charging infrastructure may be used to recharge the latest Hero Vida V1 electric scooter. For those who are unaware, Hero MotoCorp has made significant investments in Ather Energy.

Multiple Modes

The new Vida V1 has three standard ride modes: Eco, Ride, and Sport. The V1 Pro additionally features a Custom mode that allows more than 100 possibilities to meet the needs of the commuter. The e-scooter also includes a limp mode, which restricts the speed to 20 kmph on batteries when the battery is less than 10% of its capacity. Only the scooter supports Eco and Ride when the battery level is below 20%. Additionally, it includes a SuperSport mode that engages with an accelerator push of above 95%. This enables swift acceleration while overtaking.

Speed & Performance

The electric motor in both versions has a 3.9kW stable output and a 6kW peak power. The V1 can reach its stated peak speed of 80 kmph. With this, however, there is a tiny variation in throttle between the two models. The Pro achieves the 0-40kmph speed in 3.2 seconds while the Plus completes it in 3.4 seconds. It also has a boost mode. This indicates that the scooter switches to sport mode every time the accelerator is wholly turned, which is a characteristic that should be useful for overtaking moves in the city. The device requires 30 seconds to return to the normal mode after switching to sport mode.

The top speed is matched by its rival, the Ather 450X, but the latter has a slightly less powered 5400-watt PMSM Motor, giving the Vida a winning edge.

Design & Features

When you first glance at the V1, it has a youthful, contemporary appearance with some intriguing design elements, such as a single-sided swingarm made possible by a swingarm-mounted powertrain. It has a clean appearance at the top right of the back tyre. Bright color variations, such as Matte White, Matte Sports Red, and Matte Abrax Orange, are offered. The Vida V1 is a scooter with many convenient features, despite the same amount of kit being provided for both variations. Along with linked capabilities like turn-by-turn navigation, geofencing, and find my vehicle, this has three riding options, keyless access, LEDs, a theft alarm system, and cruise control.

The price of the Vida V1 is Rs. 1.45 lakh for the Plus model and Rs. 1.59 lakh for the Pro model. The FAME-II subsidy is included in the ex-showroom rates; state-level subsidies are not included. At this pricing, the Vida V1 is among the costliest electric scooters on the market, costing more than its main rivals, the Ather 450X, TVS iQube, Bajaj Chetak, and Ola S1 Pro.

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