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Upcoming Avinya EV will equip JLR’s EV platform: Tata motors

The EMA platform from Jaguar Land Rover will be built from the ground up to support substantial cloud connection and cutting-edge driver assistance technologies.
PrashantPrashant3-Nov-23 2:57 PM
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Upcoming Avinya EV will equip JLR’s EV platform: Tata motors

Tata Motors

has announced a strategic relationship with its signature brand, Jaguar Land Rover, to share the latter's born-electric Electrified Modular Architecture (EMA), as part of the company's acceleration of its transition to electric vehicles. Tata Motors Group CFO, P B Balaji, stated that the company's next premium EV, the Avinya, will adopt this EMA design.

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) has been signed by Tata Passenger Electric Mobility Ltd, the company's

electric vehicle

subsidiary, and Jaguar Land Rover to licence JLR's Electrified Modular Architecture (EMA) platform in exchange for a royalty fee. This royalty fee will cover the development of Tata's upcoming born-electric vehicles as well as the electrical architecture, electric drive unit, battery pack, and manufacturing know-how.

Balaji clarified that this is a component of Tata Motors' plan to ultimately switch to Gen 3 goods or skateboard electric vehicles. "As you may recall, we previously discussed our aspirations to have three types of architecture: Gen 1 being converted, Gen 2 being adaptable ICE and BEV architecture, and Gen 3 being pure EV architecture. We discovered that JLR architecture matches well for Avinya, which was always intended to be a luxury vehicle when searching for a platform for pure EVs," continued Balaji.

He went on to explain, “Avinya is more than simply an automobile; it's an architecture that will probably eventually give rise to a line of electric cars. When the Avinya idea was originally unveiled in 2022, Tata Motors intended to take it worldwide. It will consequently be substantially more expensive than any of Tata's current models, possibly placing it similarly to its JLR equivalent.”

"It will shorten the time it takes for us to develop new products, propel Tata Motors into the forefront of electrical and electronic architecture, and position the company for the rise of autonomous cars. Balaji continued, "It's a major win-win plan for JLR and Tata Motors.”

JLR’s EMA architecture 

In 2021, JLR initially revealed the born-electric EMA architecture, eventually giving rise to the next-generation Discovery Sport, Evoque, and Velar models. The Velar is scheduled to make its debut by late 2024 and will be the first of them to arrive.

The EMA platform from Jaguar Land Rover will be built from the ground up to support substantial cloud connection and cutting-edge driver assistance technologies. According to JLR, it will be able to communicate with other vehicles as well as infrastructure, such as traffic control networks. The EMA platform's flat floor allows for the most internal room since it is "engineered around the battery." Additionally, it will support batteries with various chemistries.

It is also said that the platform supports Feature Over The Air (FOTA), Level 2+ autonomy, and Software Over The Air (SOTA). A fully integrated propulsion system including cell-to-pack battery technology, battery management, and a charging system will be included in the EMA platform. Additionally, the platform will be qualified for rapid charging technologies for high-performance automobiles and a 5-star safety certificate.

The first batch of cars built on the EMA platform will be manufactured at JLR's Halewood factory in the UK when they start production in late 2024. Ford originally opened the facility, which is currently being converted to produce battery-electric cars. But to keep prices reasonable while maintaining a premium posture, Tata Motors will localise the EMA architecture for the Avinya series of cars, which is scheduled to launch in 2025, here in India.

Therefore, Tata Motors and JLR have unveiled their second significant collaborative project. The Jaguar Land Rover Freelander D8 platform is the foundation for the SUVs Harrier and Safari. However, the relationship between Tata Motors and JLR has advanced significantly with the agreement on the EMA for a comprehensive car development programme.

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