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My Ami Buggy by Citroen got sold out in 10 hours

The cost of the My Ami Buggy ranges from around 7 lakhs to 9.30 lakhs
PrashantPrashant23-Jun-23 10:25 AM
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 My Ami Buggy by Citroen got sold out in 10 hours


recently launched reservations for the My Ami Buggy EV in a few locations, and the ferocious demand caused all of the units made available to be snapped up in a flash. But this is far from the first occasion that this has happened. In the past, the maker sold the model in France, Belgium, and Spain, and each time, all of the units that were on hand were almost immediately snapped up.

At the moment, buyers may acquire the Citroen My Ami Buggy in nations including France, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Portugal, the UK, Luxembourg, and Greece. The EV will also travel to Turkey and Morocco for new manufacture. But just a few hundred units are released from each batch of production. Even if the numbers are restricted, the response each time a purchase window is opened is very astounding. But a deeper examination of the My Ami Buggy could indicate the causes.

The cost of the My Ami Buggy ranges from 7,790 euros to 10,450 euros (or around 7 lakhs to 9.30 lakhs). The price range alone makes it a very profitable choice. But there are lots to choose from in addition to prices. An ultra-compact car with a left-hand drive option makes this micro EV more amazing. It features a 75 km range on a single charge and a 5.4 kWh battery pack. Additionally, it has a rather low peak speed of 45 kmph. These figures might not seem all that amazing but keep in mind that the vehicle was positioned for large cities where many people depend on speedy transportation. As a result, EVs are not allowed on highways or motorways.

At present, there is no indication that Citroen India is considering the model for our shores. This is despite the fact that micro and small EVs like MG Comet and Tiago EVs have been launched here.

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