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Young Entrepreneurs reshaping the Indian EV segment with out-of-the-box ideas

The Indian EV market is the third-largest in terms of the number of companies, following US and China, and in the field of funding, the Indian EV market is the fourth-highest after the US
PrashantPrashant14-Apr-23 7:18 AM
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Young Entrepreneurs reshaping the Indian  EV segment with out-of-the-box ideas

The Indian EV market is the third-largest in terms of the number of companies, following US and China, and in the field of funding, the Indian EV market is the fourth-highest after the US, China, and Sweden, Tracxn found out in a report. Therefore, it's critical to develop the most extraordinary, out-of-the-box concepts to distinguish your EV product on the market. The young entrepreneurs below are revolutionizing the Indian electric vehicle market with novel concepts. 

1. Swapnil Jain, CTO & Co-Founder of Ather

The CTO and Co-founder of


Energy, Swapnil Jain, mainly focuses on establishing Ather's engineering culture and creating a technology roadmap. Building innovative engineering procedures is his top priority because it shortens the time it takes to produce a product. Being the conductor who can flawlessly coordinate the numerous technical domains to play the Product symphony is the goal. Additionally, Swapnil directs the company to must make sure that the product always incorporates cutting-edge technology in order to maintain its exceptional quality.

2. Sumedh Battewar, CBO & Co-founder of EMotorad


currently serves as the Chief Business Officer at Emotorad. Sumedh's career began in IOT products with all applications in the mobility segment, which sparked interest in the micro-mobility segment with EVs. Sumedh is an engineering mind with marketing and sales experience leading IOT products and EV Products over the past 5+ years. His understanding of the EV mobility market increased with each project, and as a result, his journey in the EV segment with micro-mobility use cases continued.

Sumedh is a seasoned sales professional with a track record of success in the IOT sector. Competent in team building facilitation, requirement analysis, fit-gap analysis, negotiations, business process design, B2B, corporate & OEM sales, and communication. Strong sales professional with an MBA with a marketing concentration from Indira Institute of Management in Pune.

3. Siddharth Janghu, Founder & CEO of Kwh Motors 

CEO and founder of

kWh Motors

. Siddharth creates electric two-wheelers that are fast, clever, and reasonably priced. For his startup, almost all essential parts, such as the chassis, trims, battery packs, harness, and software, are designed and manufactured in-house. Tiger Global had invested in his prior business, Zostel, for a Series B round. In the manufacturing sector, he has also worked with J.P. Morgan, EnY, and PwC.

4. Shubham Srivastava, Co-founder & CTO of Baaz bikes 

Baaz Bikes

, a business that provides a mobility platform to help gig workers make deliveries quickly and cheaply, has Shubham as its chief technology officer. Our locally affiliated bike rental partners offer our internally developed, reasonably priced bikes, which are backed by a robust, automated battery-swapping system.

5. Saurav Kumar, CEO, and Founder of Euler Motors

The CEO and co-founder of the automotive start-up

Euler Motors

, which is dedicated to using electric vehicles to revolutionize transportation in the nation, is Saurav Kumar. He oversees business and product development operations. Saurav is an inventor who is intrigued with technology and focused on driving breakthroughs that help to make lives better. Before founding Euler Motors, Saurav was a founding partner of Cube26 Software Pvt. Ltd., a popular mobile technology platform that enhances the consumer engagement process. Flipkart and Tiger Global provided funding for Cube26. Paytm purchased Cube26 at the start of 2018.

6. Amitabh Saran, CEO of AltiGreen

A postdoctoral employee at NASA who founded Buzzintown and has formally worked at TriVium system, Philips, and TCS,

Amitabh Saran

started Altigreen with a vision to make the world better for future generations by eliminating carbon from road transport. His company catalyzes the adoption of electric vehicles by creating technologies (or electric vehicles) that delight customers with their performance and price. The Bengaluru-based business specializes in developing technologically cutting-edge commercial EVs, especially for the last-mile transportation market.

Their made-in-India, made-for-India EVs are specially created for the climate, driving habits, and road conditions of India. Commercial EVs, as a result, compete with traditional last-mile fossil fuel-powered vehicles in terms of pricing and performance.

7. Kapil Shelke, CEO, and Founder of Tork motors

Kapil Shelke

, in the year 2006, founded the country’s first electric motorcycle manufacturer, Tork Motors. The brand has a history of racing on the ‘Isle of Man and is backed by the Bharat Forge group. 

Previously, Shelke served as the CTO for the Zongshen Racing organization and he also holds a Mechanical Engineering Bachelor's degree from the D.Y.Patil College of Engineering in Akurdi, Pune. He has leveraged his racing experience in building the brand. In academics, he has studied carbon fiber composite study in Oxford Cherwell valley college and completed his schooling at St. Andrew College

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