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Top 7 Electric Scooters with 100+ Range

Let us take a look at some of the electric two wheelers that are presently available for purchase in India and have a riding range of more than 100 km.
Somsubhra ChowdhurySomsubhra Chowdhury19-Dec-22 2:54 PM
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Top 7 Electric Scooters with 100+ Range

India's market for electric scooters is now booming, and an increasing number of companies are introducing their models to this market.  Range concerns, though, is one of the main worries that consumers have when purchasing an


because charging stations are still in their infancy. While some companies are concentrating primarily on the network for charging, others are delivering devices with a respectable commuting range in an effort to solve this issue.

Your riding style will determine the range. Your scooter's electric motor will use more energy the quicker and more forcefully you ride. Limiting abrupt acceleration and braking throughout your bike will extend your range. Rather, steadily pick up speed till you attain your desired riding pace. For an extended range distance, keep your speed steady for almost as much as you can.

A particular motor size requires greater energy output results in even more battery capacity, which correlates to a lengthier e-scooter range. A typical e-scooter can go 20 kilometres at an ordinary speed of 30 kilometres per hour and has a storage capacity of roughly 250 Wh. Extremely powerful e-scooters may travel up to 120 km per charge and have capacities that are measured in the thousands of watt hours.

For instance, let us look at a illustration to help you out with the range dynamics ➖

If you need to calculate how much range you can squeeze out from your EV with a particular speed and battery size, 

Simple maths is, Distance = Speed x Time

For time, you need to find out battery capacity and nominal motor power of your EV (the consumption), Time = Battery capacity / Power consumption

So if you have a scooter with battery capacity of 250Wh and battery consumption of 250W and you choose a speed of 40km/h. Then, you can cover a range of,

Time = 250Wh/250W = 1hr

Hence, the Range is deduced to, Distance = 40km/h x 1h = 40km

However it is just a laboratory range and real-life range may vary a lot as

it depends on many derivative factors.

 So, let us just glance at some of the electric two wheelers that are presently available for purchase in India and have a riding range of more than 100 km:

Ola S1 pro


Ola S1 Pro

is compared with an ICE scooter, its fun factor cannot be disputed. You may choose between Eco, Normal, Sports, and Hyper settings. By default, the scooter starts off in Normal mode. With a full charge, the scooter's 3.97kWh lithium-ion battery pack can propel the EV up to a range of 170 kilometres in eco mode. To charge it from  0 to 100%, it requires well over 6.5 hours and costs roughly 15% every hour. The top speed of the Ola S1 pro in turbo mode is 110 km/h. The 5.5kW BLDC hub motor in the Ola S1 pro allows the EV to speed from 0 to 40 kmph in 4.3 seconds, but it requires 9.8 seconds to hit 60 kmph.

Okaya Faast F4

The twin 72V LFP battery pack that powers the

Okaya Faast F4

gives it a maximum capacity of 4.4 kWh. Okaya claims that the device has a range of approximately 160 kilometres when fully charged. When used appropriately, a range of 140 kilometres on the Okaya Faast F4 is quite attainable. This battery needs about 5 to 6 hours to completely charge. Three complimentary modes are included with the Okaya Faast F4: eco, normal, and sports. The scooter's top speed in Eco mode is 52 km/h. The highest speed in the sports mode is up to 70 km/h. In India, the Okaya Faast costs 1.10L (ex-showroom).

BGauss D15i


has introduced its all new electric scooter, BGauss D15i. The EV can go from 0 to 40 kph in 7 seconds when in Sport mode, reaching a maximum speed of 60 kmph. The top speed in Eco mode is 50 kmph. The BGauss D15i model's IP67-certified 3.2kWh removable lithium-ion battery pack needs 5 hours and 30 minutes to replenish to 100% charge. In 4 hours, it may be recharged from 0% to 80% of its power. With a separate fast charger, the battery can be fully charged in around 1 hour and 30 minutes. According to ARAI certification, the scooter's range on a full charge is 115 kilometres. The BGauss D15i costs around Rs 1 lakh.

TVS iQube


TVS iQube

is powered by a 2.5kWh battery pack and a 4.4kW hub motor. The reported top speed of the TVS iQube is 78kmph. It can travel up to 100 kilometres on a single charge. It speeds rapidly, reaching 40 km/h from 0 in under 4.2 seconds. The EV's top speed in Eco mode is just 40 kmph, though. The TVS iQube Electric's features include a USB charging port, LED illumination, a boot space LED light, and a colour digital display that connects to a smartphone. Three riding modes, Q-park assistance, and regenerative braking are further noteworthy features. A TVS iQube Electric starts at Rs. 1.00 lakh in pricing (Ex-Showroom).

Evolet Derby

The home-grown EV startup,


has introduced its all new electric scooter. Derby is an electric scooter which comes into the low speed category of EVs. It comes in two models: EZ, which uses a lead-acid battery, and Classic, which uses a lithium ion battery. A 250 watt BLDC electric motor powers the Evolet Derby, which has received ICAT certification. The Derby EZ has a claimed range of 90–120 km and requires 8–9 hours to completely charge for the Lead acid battery variant. The effective range of the Derby

Classic's lithium-ion battery is 90–120 kilometres, and charging takes 3–4 hours. A capacious seat, a digital dashboard with speedometer, an electronically supported braking system, and additional IOT capabilities are all included with the Derby. Black, Blue, and Chocolate are the offered colours with the Derby electric scooter. The Evolet Derby costs around Rs. 60100 (ex-showroom).

Komaki X-One

The top box with an inbuilt support for the bike seat makes the

Komaki X-One

a vehicle that prioritises functionality. For additional safety, there is comprehensive impact protection too. A 20–30Ah lead acid battery is attached to a 60V motor that powers the device. The stated range is 120 kilometres per charge. The electric scooter has shock absorbers at the back and telescopic fork in the front wheel. It uses drum brakes at the back and disc brakes up front to stop. For the X-One, there is just one colour offered: Air Blue. The cost of the Komaki XGT X One in India ranges from Rs. 47,617 to Rs. 78,920.

Kabira Mobility Kollegio

Kabira Mobility

has introduced its flagship electric scooter, the Kabira Mobility Kollegio plus. Kollegio offers battery Capacity of 48 V/24 Ah, a lithium-ion battery which helps in exceeding the performance of the scooter and powers the 250W BLDC motor. It claims a range of 100 km with a full charge. Kabira Mobility Kollegio plus will take a total 4 Hours to charge from 0-100 percent. The electric scooter comes under the low speed electric scooter category with top speed of Kollegio is 24 kmph.  The electric scooter comes in two variants : Kollegio Neo & Kollegio classic. The initial price of the scooter is around Rs. 57000 and can go upto Rs. 67000 for the highest model.

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