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Top 5 pocket-friendly EVs of 2024: Vehicles you will not want to miss

Explore the top 5 budget-friendly EVs of 2024 – don't miss these incredible vehicles for an affordable and sustainable driving experience
BhavikBhavik31-Jan-24 8:19 AM
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Top 5 pocket-friendly EVs of 2024: Vehicles you will not want to miss

The whirring hum of internal combustion engines is fading into the rearview mirror as the electric revolution surges onward. The extra specifications of


like Reverse mode, Hill-hold, Geo-fencing, and Proximity Lock have created a connotation of Electric Vehicle’s being expensive. If you are also a believer of that fact then let me tell you THAT’S NOT TRUE AT ALL. There is a huge new breed of budget-conscious electric scooters that are making their mark in the electric vehicle market of India and are ready to reshape urban mobility. 

If you are also confused with

EV company’s

humongous range claims and hidden RTO or other prices that can increase your budget dramatically, then no problem my friend, EVINDIA has got your back. To guide you through the truth of the electrifying landscape, we've compiled a list of the Top 5 Pocket-Friendly EVs of 2024, ranked by their on-road price after factoring in state subsidies:


Okinawa Praise Pro

: The company's claim to be “A leading electric scooter manufacturer in India, pioneering sustainable mobility solutions for a greener future,” is well reflected in the Okinawa Praise Pro electric scooter. This 2.08 kWh scooter clocks in at a budget-friendly ₹97,500 after the subsidy, making it an attractive entry point into the EV world. While its 70 km range and 56 kmph top speed might not be a thrilling roar on roads, it's a practical and economical choice for urban commutes and errands. Despite the decline in the company’s main sales data the OEM’s this model still holds a remarkable 69.19% market share among the company’s product


Ampere Magnus EX

: Greaves has almost 160 years of engineering experience, and it has instilled its ideals and knowledge of innovation and customer satisfaction in Ampere. The company have made sure that thousands of customers are happy, even as the demand for electric vehicles (EVs) has increased over the last 15 years. The company’s vision of providing an easy commute without taking a toll on the environment is well observed in Ampere Magnus Ex. With a slightly higher price tag of ₹96,500, the Ampere Magnus EX ev offers a respectable 80 km range and a higher 2.36 kWh battery capacity. Its top speed of 53 kmph may not be thrilling, but the comfortable ride and extra range make it a good investment for longer journeys.

3. BGauss C12i: An

electric scooters

with an ergonomic design that offers you more comfort, range, room, and many other features for a unique commute. Coming directly from the house of RR Kabel and RR Global, the BGauss C12i electric scooter is a product of long experience in electric mobility solutions and high engineering-driven technology. This stylish scooter packs a punch for its ₹106,000 price tag. The 2 kWh battery powers a 70 km range and a peppy 62 kmph top speed, making it ideal for navigating city streets with gusto. However, the slightly higher cost after subsidy might require some extra savings.


Bounce Infinity E1+

: Upgrading its flagship product Bounce Infinty E1, the newly introduced Infinity E1+ is known for its better range and smoothly driven features. For those seeking a balance between affordability and performance, the Bounce Infinity E1+ ev is a compelling option. At ₹90,375 after subsidy, it delivers a decent 70 km range and a zippy 65 kmph top speed. With its modern design and focus on safety features, the E1+ offers a well-rounded package for the urban rider.


Ola S1X+

: Reigning supreme in the pocket-friendly category is the Ola electric S1X. This feature-packed scooter boasts a true range of 105 km, a thrilling 90 kmph top speed, and a sleek design that turns heads. At ₹85,162 after subsidy, it offers the best bang for your buck, making it the ultimate choice for eco-conscious riders who demand both performance and value. However, the company do not provide a removable battery option for any in its vehicle and Ola S1 X+ ev is no exception.

Choosing the right

Electric Vehicle

for your needs goes beyond just price. Consider your daily commute distance, desired speed, and charging infrastructure availability. With the information in this list and a bit of research, you'll be zooming into a greener future in no time. Remember, the road to a sustainable future is paved with exciting choices, and these pocket-friendly EVs are ready to lead the way.

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